Empowering Educators, Transforming Learning: The ReviseOnline Journey

Started by David Hankin and Dion Mepham, two highly credentialled teachers from Trinity College, East Perth, ReviseOnline was born out of the frustration of sourcing, preparing, and managing exam revision material.

They recognised that teachers worldwide faced the same burdens—endless hours searching for usable material, aligning with the curriculum and marking keys, and handling administrative tasks. This cycle consumed valuable teaching time and student support.

ReviseOnline offers a simple solution: managing material sourcing, compliance, and distribution directly to students, thereby empowering teachers to focus on targeted teaching. Our results have been remarkable - improved ATAR scores, in a relaxed learning environment, significantly reducing teacher burden.

Since its inception, ReviseOnline has experienced tremendous growth. Beginning with a single course, student-centred revision platform, we now offer;

  • ReviseOnline - 74 ATAR courses across three states and seven countries. 
  • Digital Exam Delivery - Seamless, secure and efficient,
  • Specialised courses for Year 10 students - bespoke curriculum design & implementation 
  • Teacher PD Courses - upskilling of ATAR teachers by the most experienced teachers.
  • ATARPREP - self-paced, digital revision seminars for students.

Our commitment to providing comprehensive educational support has propelled us to new heights. With our ever-expanding product range and innovative offerings, we continue to improve the way students learn and excel in their academic pursuits while continuing to find solutions to teacher issues.

Join us at ReviseOnline to experience transformative education, where teaching becomes a joy and students achieve their true potential.