Two Teachers’ Gift to their students.

David Hankin and Dion Mepham are two highly credentialled teachers from Trinity College, East Perth. They experienced frustration at the amount of time and effort it took, each year to source, prepare and manage quality exam revision material for their students. All teachers have felt the same frustration. Once you finally find some usable material, it has to be checked against the curriculum. Then you need to decide if the marking keys reflect those of the education authorities. The saga continues with collation, photocopying and distribution of the exams to students plus review and debrief all of the responses. Pause, deep breath, start all over again for a new year. Hundreds of hours each year, per teacher, spent on necessary, yet indirect admin tasks that ultimately benefit the students, but take an incredible effort to do so.

What if someone else found the material, made sure it complied with the syllabus, provided specific mark, by mark sample answers by experienced markers, distributed it directly to your students, put the students under exam conditions, allowed them to self-assess and you only got involved in the process when there was actual teaching required? You could become the teacher you always wanted to be. Someone who has the time to give the targeted and individual attention that actually makes a difference! Let’s face it, by the pointy end, you only want to spend time on specific areas of concern that will add value to the student’s ATAR score, yet you never have that time available, because you are hamstrung by frustrating, non-core tasks. The methodology became simple. David and Dion felt that if they could remove the administrative burden, they could then devote those hundreds of hours to focusing on improving student weaknesses. Long story short- ReviseOnline. They tested the concept on their students in 2015.

The result? - Massive improvement in mean ATAR scores and a more relaxed, focused learning environment. Perhaps more importantly, teachers started to enjoy teaching again and gave their time willingly to students because the responsibility for learning was being shared equally with the students.

The ReviseOnline company was born from the early success of the test group and in 2016, PE Studies became the first course released to the education community. The amazing adoption rate of ReviseOnline highlighted the fact that teachers and schools all over the country were experiencing exactly the same problems, desperate to regain the ‘essence’ of teaching.

Now the ReviseOnline program covers 28 WACE subjects, 16 VCE subjects and 16 QCE subjects with plans well underway to open up new jurisdictions in late 2020. Finally, schools are able to invest wisely in the success of students and buy back precious time for staff to use in honing the skills of their students. A compounding effect that boosts ATAR scores and has a DIRECT & POSITIVE impact on the lives of young Australians (and their teachers).