ATAR revision.
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It was simple. had all the right subjects and provided good questions and marking keys to help identify issues and then understand what wasn't previously known.
Year 12 student - Perth Modern School
“My students have been using ReviseOnline for only 1 week and I have seen huge uptake and increase in their motivation levels to do ‘extra’ self-directed revision."
Rob Malpelli - Peak Phys Ed
"The assessments are accessible and the feedback provided is on point."
Head of English - Penrhos College
"I was pleased to see my son so engaged in his study. He was constantly praising the ability of the program to help him improve his exam technique."
Parent - Wesley College
We are really confident that it is going to greatly benefit them in attaining the best results possible in the future.” HPE Dept, Australind SHS.
Australind SHS
"ReviseOnline have been great to deal with - we had the students online in no time and they’re always available to help”
Head of PE - Darling Range Sports College

The new way to revise

ReviseOnline will revolutionise how you prepare for tests and exams. No more outdated revision manuals that clog up your desk, weigh down your bag and don’t give personalised feedback. It’s all here, in one easy to use program that generates timed topic tests and practice exams, with the click of a button. Track your progress, focus where it matters most and get your teachers' help. Learn from the best possible answers, practice your recall and smash your ATAR.
Quality questions

Our ATAR-exam-style questions are developed by subject specialists in each state, with years of ATAR exam writing & marking experience. With a library of thousands, you’ll never see the same question twice.

Perfect answers

See how your answer compares with the best with our fully worked marking keys. Learn how teachers allocate marks and get insight into the best possible responses.

Exam conditions

With timed assessments, exam-style instructions and marks structured like ATAR exams, practice with ReviseOnline will get you used to exams long before you sit one.


Revise anywhere

ReviseOnline works across all of your devices so it goes wherever you go!

Exam builder

Need to prepare for a mid year exam, or revise a few key areas? Our unique exam builder allows you to create an exam on just the topics you select.

Get some help

With our Student-Teacher flagging system you can get feedback on any question - without having to stick up your hand in class. Your teacher will be alerted that you've flagged a question and you can work it out together, all from within our portal.

Class analytics

Every mark builds personalised analytics, showing your performance by the topics in your course. Use these insights to study more effectively by honing in on where you can most improve.


Thousands of combinations of tests and exams


Multiple choice answers marked for you


Monitors your progress


Sets a time for each test and exam you start

For Teachers

ReviseOnline was created for teachers, by teachers. Get in touch with us, and we’ll show you how ReviseOnline can integrate into your plans, saving you time and maximising your effectiveness.