ReviseOnline readies students for actual exams by providing them with thousands of combinations of questions with instant feedback. Our key features allow students to closely replicate exam and test conditions whilst teachers save time in the preparation of materials and track their students progress.

Class analytics

Delve deeper to discover strengths and weaknesses for individual topic or section performance within assessments

Exam Builder

Need a mid year exam or want to target specific topics in an exam? Our unique exam builder allows students to create assessments using only the topics they have studied.


Understand students’ usage patterns to help drive motivation, increase accountability and provide feedback at Parent teacher interviews


MathType is a visual editor that allows inserting mathematical and chemical formulas online. It even allows students to handwrite their formulas using touch screens and converts it to text.

Multiple Devices

ReviseOnline works across all of your devices so it goes wherever you go!

Quality Questions

Our extensive question bank has been developed by our team of experienced subject specialists in each state, many who have final exam marking and writing experience.


Thousands of combinations of tests and exams


Multiple choice answers marked for you


Monitors your progress


Sets a time for each test and exam you start